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Shift and Wake-up Radio Show with Coach Mir Lynne
Listen in as Certified Master Life Coach Mir Lynne Pietrzyk reveals more about manifesting our heart's desires. Through simple teachings she helps others parlay Positive thinking, Prayer, Meditation, Affirmations and Spiritual and Physical Practices into Receiving that which we desire most in life!

Free BrainSync Guided Meditation
Adjust your brainwaves to tap into the power of your consciousness with these guided meditations.

Watch Short Inspirational Flash Movies
All kinds of motivational, inspirational and mood lifting online flash shows from nationally known authors...very powerful!

Light an Online Candle
Yes, you can really light a candle online, make a message and send it off to bless the lives of friends and loved ones.

Say A Prayer, Invocation or Affirmation
An interactive website filled with invocations, celebrations, adorations and meditations. Spin the prayer wheel.

Receive a daily article, horoscope or music info in your email. This is one of the most consistently powerful inspirational email messages that I receive.

Random Acts of Kindness
This website is all about how to promote kindness and kindness projects amongst individuals and organizations alike. You can even build a free website around your kindness experiences or projects.

A Course In Miracles
This universal system has helped create a perspective shift and a reality check for millions of people. Lessons now online.

Do One Nice Thing
Some days we're nice, others we're not. Do one nice thing every Monday.

10 Million Click for Peace
Use the power of the internet and this cool new tool to actually SEE how your message of peace, hope and love is exponentially affecting the world! Get your Personal Peace Impact Meter.

Affirmations & Channeled Messages
Visit the Creating Your Highest Future Meditation Room. Click on each book to receive a message from Orin & DaBen.

Tibetan Personality Test
Find out what you're really all about.

Goddess Quiz
This is a fun Goddess site, also with Goddess quizzes and info. Anita Ryan-Revel also has a Goddess Playshop in a box that you can order to start your own Goddess circles!

43 Things
People have known for years that making a list of goals is the best way to achieve them. Discover what's important, make it happen, share your progress. Let this website help you find your 43 things.

Color Quiz
I took this test (it only takes a couple of minutes) and was amazed at the accuracy of the results. Check it out, it read me like a book!

Addiction Alchemy
Addiction Alchemy is a holistic, self-help journey for addiction recovery, based on the Medicine Wheel model. The Medicine Wheel can help anyone regardless of race, culture, gender or belief system to transform the process of addiction at the core level. 

Church of Spiritual Light
All faith, spiritual community in Fort Myers, FLorida that was created to provide a place where people who wish to truly connect with the divinity within themselves, within others and All That Is can gather together and celebrate the sacredness of life through pure spiritual connection, meditation, ritual, prayer and song.

David Essel
For over 20 years, Hay House author, David Essel, who is also a Master Life, Business and Spiritual Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author and Radio/TV Host has been inspiring and empowering people to create an exceptional life by honoring your mind, body and soul, so that you can bring more joy, peace and meaning into every aspect of your life.

Weaves The Web Design
Intuitive Web Design and Marketing for those who serve humanity through healing, empowerment, spirituality, creativity and the arts.




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